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Market leader in solar thermal collectors

Number one on the solar market

GREENoneTEC is the world‘s largest thermal flat-plate-collector manufacturer with an annual production capacity of more than 1.6 million m² of panels. Eight highly automated, process-secured robotic production lines, offer the highest quality products with excellent delivery performance and reliability – made in Austria, of course, and certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and more than 30 years experience in the solar market.

Number one for our customers

GREENOneTEC sees itself as a reliable and innovative manufacturer in the solar thermal industry. This maxim has made us the world‘s leading specialists in high quality solar thermal collectors.

For many industries and business sectors areas, we are now the first go-to company for high quality solutions: GREENoneTEC supplies highly innovative systems and quality products to manufacturers of heating systems, solar system providers and industry. However, we also support our customers in projects with energy companies, public institutions, planners and project developers, as well as with the wholesale trade and industry. Our industrial series production guarantees consistent, first-class product quality with an excellent delivery service and is focused on conserving resources and ensuring cost efficiency. We invest continuously in market innovation and grow alongside our customers.

Setting Global Standards

The best products – Made in Austria 

GREENoneTEC develops and produces the best solar thermal collectors and fixing systems in customized OEM versions. We supply our high performance large-scale collectors to solar thermal power plants and, on the global market for thermosiphon systems as well, our customers trust our innovative system applications.

for best

GREENoneTEC has developed to be the brand for the highest production quality and innovation in the solar market. Praise that brings a lot of responsibility with it. As the driving force in the market, we accept this challenge every day to provide sustainable success for our customers.

The philosophy of GREENoneTEC
CEO Robert Kanduth

„The way we act today,
defines how our world
will look tomorrow“

as a reliable partner
for your solar project

In-depth know-how from more than 30 years of industry experience

Reliability, trust and respect towards customers and partners

Environment-friendly and sustainable action





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