OEM collector range

Our excellent collector range

Aesthetic design and numerous environmental and innovation awards distinguish our collector families. Each individual collector range has numerous customer-specific designs. Hence, we are able to offer several hundred different types of collector variants and countless mounting solutions.

Best customized solutions

GREENoneTEC develops and produces the best solar thermal collectors and fixing systems in customized OEM versions

FK7000 series – tray collector

Aluminium tray collectors in this range are silicone-free and dry-sealed. The form-fitting compression of the glass cover strips with the tray and rubber seal on all sides guarantee 100 % leak-tightness and a long service life.

Form-fit compressed, silicone-free glass sealing
Compact design thanks to deep-drawn aluminium tray
Optimum in-roof installation due to integrated, specific aluminium strip construction
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FK8000 series – frame collector

FK8000 series frame collectors are manufactured in lightweight design on an in-house fully automated robot manufacturing line. Bonding with a specially designed 2-component adhesive is used as the jointing technology.

The high quality and intelligent product design ensures unbeatable value for money
The robot-controlled production line ensures the highest levels of precision during the production process
Tempered solar safety glass
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FK9000 series – tray collector

The GREENoneTEC tray collectors in the 9000 range are made on one of the most modern and fastest robot manufacturing facilities in the world, with a unique quality control system. A specially developed powerful adhesive is used as the jointing technology for the tray collectors. The collectors are equipped with a highly selective, coated-aluminium meander or harp absorbers. Thanks to its modular mounting system, the collectors can be used for both freestanding installation, as well as for a variety of different roof-mounted installation types.

New tray design guarantees maximum stability through an optimized reinforcement geometry
Self-draining meander absorber with excellent stagnation behaviour
Hydraulic quick connectors guarantee shortest installation times without tools
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VK4000 – vacuum tubes

GREENoneTEC vacuum-tube collectors are based on the proven Sidney Principle. The vacuum reduces the heat losses compared to conventional flat collectors. Special reflection mirrors provide an optimum light beam, even at low sunlight levels.

Optimum utilization of diffuse or oblique sunlight as a result of high-gloss coated, UV-resistant reflection mirrors
Maximum solar yields even at low outside tem­peratures due to the low levels of heat loss and the highly selective coated vacuum tubes
Easy maintenance, individual vacuum tubes can be exchanged without emptying the solar circuit
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GK 3003 and GK3002 – large-scale collectors

The large-area collector series GK3003 and GK3002 are ideal for applications in the medium temperature range, such as district heating systems, industrial process heat, multi-family residential installations and solar cooling.

GK3003 series in the sizes 8 m² and 13 m²
GK3002 series in the sizes 5 m² and 10 m²
GK3002 SMART in the sizes 5 m² and 8 m²
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