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Quality management

Quality management ISO 9001

Quality assurance is a top priority at GREENoneTEC as only the best products bring long-term success to our customers. Since 1996 GREENoneTEC has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and is subject to the strict quality management requirements of Quality Austria.

To make sure that only products of the highest quality leave our plant, quality assurance begins with semi-finished materials and ends with packaged products. During production, each solar collector passes through a multi-stage quality assurance programme with strict monitoring and quality control. The same holds true for our production processes and technologies.In addition, collectors are checked for defined quality and performance parameters at proprietary indoor and outdoor benches.

ISO-Zertifizierungen (2021-02-10)

Occupational safety ISO 45001

Social responsibility is a top priority at GREENoneTEC. This is why from 2020 GREENoneTEC has therefore been certified in accordance with ISO 45001. By introducing this standard, GREENoneTEC increases the awareness of operational safety risks.

Thanks to this standard the processes of operational safety are studied and measures are taken, implemented, monitored and evaluated systematically. Accidents are reduced by continuous risk analysis – operational safety health is continuously improved.

ISO-Zertifizierungen (2021-02-10)

Environmental management ISO 14001

Environmentally-friendly production is a given at GREENoneTEC. Since 1997 GREENoneTEC has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001, thus supporting the implementation and further development of an effective environment management system every year. GREENoneTEC pursues a clear strategy of manufacturing only ecologically feasible products in compliance with the strictest requirements for a resource-friendly production:

  • No use of materials hazardous to the environment
  • Fully recyclable collectors
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Least possible amount of packaging
  • Energy-efficient production with integrated solar thermal and photovoltaic system

The energy supply of GREENoneTEC is supported by the following systems:

  • Photovoltaic system with 1.698 m2 of collector surface for company power supply
  • Thermal solar system with 92 m2 of collector surface for warm-water generation and heating support
  • Installation of a newly developed facade collector with approx. 31 m2 of collector surface for warm-water generation
  • Use of compressor waste heat for ventilation
  • Use of production equipment waste heat for production facility heating
  • Use of district heat from a biomass plant of a neighbouring parquet manufacturer for facility heating
  • Passive use of solar radiation by the office building’s glass facade
  • Installation of an 8.000 litre rain water regeneration system for the cleaning of solar glass panes and outside irrigation
  • Waste-wood utilisation
GREENoneTEC Qualitätsmanagment Produktion