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Research & Development

Test equipment for best quality

Standardised internal quality and performance tests, system tests and static tests in accordance with EN 12975, EN 12976 and EN 1991 are integral parts of the GREENoneTEC quality assurance system for the approval of new products and design changes. As part of the quality control for series products GREENoneTEC collectors are checked for specific quality and performance standards at our proprietary indoor and outdoor test benches.

  • EN 12975
  • EN 12976
  • EN 1991

Our collectors are tested comprehensively and subjected to the following stresses in long-term tests:

high-temperature resistance
external shock test
internal shock test
rain tightness
mechanical stress

Indoor test bench

At the indoor test laboratory performance can be measured without any interruptions caused by weather conditions or the seasons. This also yields benefits to the innovative power of GREENoneTEC: During the development of new products individual steps can be tested quickly and without seasonal interruptions of measurement. Tests can be repeated under reproducible ambient conditions as often as necessary.

Outdoor test bench

At the GREENoneTEC outdoor test bench the thermal solar collectors are subject to extreme climate conditions and endurance tests. In addition, leakage tests of the overall system’s compound of collector, panel enclosure and roof surface are performed continuously, while glass quality is evaluated by glass transmission measuring.